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Lightning cables — and charging cables in general — are responsible for sending power from the mains to your phone. If something goes wrong, things can get hairy quickly — shocks and fires being the most obvious.

The Best Apple Lightning Charger is NOT Made by Apple

For this reason, it is worth going with a reputable, third-party when purchasing Lightning cables or any type of cable for that matter. One percent.

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Click to Tweet. Recent Articles Save. Spread the loveRemember the Nokia ? Well, you can now download its classic ringtones and UL calls the results of the test "shocking," with internal components being "vastly different" when compared with a genuine, UL-approved Apple adapter.

Apple Iphone Chargers

A recent Apple lawsuit targeted a manufacturer of counterfeit Apple chargers, warning that such devices are not built to standards and "pose a significant risk of overheating, fire, and electrical shock. In the suit, Apple claimed that nearly 90 percent out of the chargers and other Apple accessories it has purchased on Amazon were fake. We're using cookies to improve your experience. Aukey makes an excellent watt charger that offers 18 watts of power to both ports when used simultaneously.

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Even with our most expensive cable and this charger, you will still save compared to Apple's cheapest combination. You'll also get more flexibility and features, like a more durable cable, dual ports on the power adapter, and a much longer warranty the cable has a lifetime warranty.

The BEST Apple-branded iPhone charger THAT YOU CAN'T GET? (yet)

There's one reason to go for the Apple one, especially in the UK due to the plug formats used here: apple's charger folds neatly taking up very little space Normal UK plugs alone take more space AND have the pins sticking out in such a way that you can't easily take them on anything other than a backpack or suitcase, making them not very convenient for traveling. Other than that, I'd personally go with a multi-charger, preferably one with a removable power cord so that you have more flexibility in getting a different cord for different countries should you go traveling and also account for sockets not being as close as you'd like them to in some hotels I have the RavPower charger, iPhone 8 Plus and both ports..

Apple Lightning Cable Deals

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