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An update to Android 4. An update to Android 5. Several different model variants of the G2 are sold, with most variants differing only in support for regional network types and bands. Verizon Wireless version includes Qi wireless charging , but has a noticeably different rear cover design with different designs for the buttons and camera, and replaces the solid black option for the button background with a pink pattern option. The QuickWindow case accessory for the G2 was unveiled on 30 July —prior to the unveiling of the phone itself. The QuickWindow case consists of a plastic shell with a polyurethane flip cover.

The cover contains a rounded rectangular window that exposes a portion of the display, allowing a number of functions to be accessed without opening the cover, including notifications, a customizable clock, and a music player. While complimenting its performance and other unique features, The Verge believed that LG was trying too hard to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S4 by closely imitating its design, specifications, and emphasis on features instead of differentiating itself through further innovations.

The LG G2 was released to mostly positive reception. In December , the British magazine Stuff named the G2 its Phone of the Year and Gadget of the Year , reporting that "LG has previously struggled to make an impact on the smartphone market, but the LG G2 is as good as smartphones get in , and shows the established names how it should be done.

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The G2 was considered by critics to be well-built, but was criticized for replacing the glass-based construction of the Optimus G with a plainer, plastic-based design, drawing comparisons to recent Samsung products. Ars Technica further criticized the Verizon Wireless version for having a cheaper appearance than the international versions, with a plainer rear cover, modified buttons, and a different speaker layout.

The G2's rear buttons were met with equally mixed reception, with most reviewers believing that users would be able to adjust themselves to operate them. Accordingly, the ability to wake the phone by tapping on the screen was considered a more convenient method. The G2 was praised for its high-end hardware, with Engadget describing the device as a "beast" with specifications that "seem familiar to anyone who's read a flagship Android phone review in the last 12 months", recognizing that it had become harder for manufacturers to differentiate their flagship products beyond displays and processors.

The G2's display was praised for its high resolution and color accuracy, along with LG's efforts to reduce the screen bezel size. The G2 was also praised for having unexpectedly longer battery life than any of its competitors along with Motorola 's Droid Razr Maxx. After lasting about 20 hours of "standard" use in its testing, the G2's battery was considered by Engadget to be "a sign that we're finally crossing into a world of sensible smartphone batteries.

LG's Android interface design received mixed reviews; TechRadar gave it a positive review, describing it as being "easy enough for novice and expert smartphone users alike", and noting its dynamic elements and customization features. The usefulness of the "Slide Aside" feature was questioned due to the availability of other, more efficient means to switch apps. LG's software was generally panned for being unpolished in places, suffering from feature creep , and containing too many unneeded visual effects and skeuomorphic elements the latter having generally fallen out of favor.

LG G2 D801 32GB T-Mobile Branded Unlocked Smartphone (Unlocked, Black)

The G2's software was also panned for containing usability digressions in comparison to stock Android, such as the notification tray being taken up by options, not using Android 4. The device's Menu key is replaced by a "Recent apps" key, and a small "Menu" key appears to the side when needed. The Nexus 5 was released by LG shortly afterwards and shares much of the G2's hardware albeit with a lower-quality rear camera and smaller battery to hit a lower price point; the Nexus 5 has been touted as a clean Android software alternative with the added advantage of running the latest Android 4.

The G2's rear-facing camera was considered good for its class, with its processor contributing to quicker HDR photo processing than its competitors. The Verge remarked that despite LG having "practically stole[n]" Samsung's camera design and modes, the G2's camera interface were among the better implementations of Android camera software due to its available options. However, its low-light photos and some of its other modes were panned for not being as good as those of other devices such as the Nokia Lumia and HTC One. In December , Asia Today reported that 2. These numbers were below LG's original estimates of 3 million units.

However, later in the month, news agency Yonhap reported more positive numbers from analysts, with at least 3 million units sold and , sold in South Korea. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Further information: Android operating system and Optimus UI. Clove Technology's Blog. Retrieved 18 August Wall Street Journal. The Verge. Retrieved 12 September Retrieved 21 August Ars Technica. Why choose Handtec Click Here.

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Your phone must be international unlocked, otherwise it will reject the SIM card. Here is some information about the process: androidcentral. You need to confirm your phone's radio bands. Different cell phone companies use different frequencies and not all phones can recieve all frequencies. Now, visit this page, which shows each Israeli phone provider's bands: prepaid-data-sim-card.

Compare the two and see which provider's 3G and 4G services will be most compatible with your phone.

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For the most part and for ease, I would try snapir. I used one from him last April and it literally was just put it in and go. You could also get an Orange Big Talk from Israeli post office. Thank you for the great information. It will not only guide me but others who may find this particular forum. Yes, the LG G2 is unlocked and when we put in a gsm sim it recognized it and defaulted to global. It passed the test. The 4 gsm bands are compatible on this phone. Profile JOIN.

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