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Sign In We're Sorry! Sign in to our Contributor site. Forgot your password? Sign Up. Please send me product announcements, helpful advice, and special promotions. Already have an account? Sign In. Ready To Do More? Create a Free Account. Start Here No thanks. Biographical Note Ernest Dichter, one of the pioneers in consumer motivational research, was born in Vienna on August 14, , the oldest of three children of William and Mathilde Dichter, a family of Polish and Sudeten-German immigrants. Scope and Content This collection consists of the business records of Ernest Dichter and the several consulting firms through which he operated fully document his role as a pioneer of motivational research, from the beginnings of his career in the United States until a few months before his death.

Arrangement The Ernest Dichter papers were arranged in six series, which more or less reflect Dr. Related Material A second large collection of Dichter material, which presumably came from his European offices, is now housed at the University of Vienna. Separated Material Over 2, of the most interesting volumes are cataloged individually in Hagley's online library catalog. Administrative Information. Biographical Note. Scope and Content.

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Related Material. Separated Material. Series Descriptions and Inventory. See Ernest Dichter papers, Series I. Research proposals and studies, for a detailed inventory. Consists of the formally published newsletters and bulletins though which Dr. Dichter disseminated his ideas and presented the activities of himself and his Institute. There are also Japanese-language versions of two of his books and four of the Sacha children's books published in France.

The rest of Dichter's books have been transferred to the general Published Collections collection. Of particular note among the books are four of the "Sacha" children's books that Dichter originally wrote for his grandson Sasha and then had published in France. How to Be a Top Manager , ; typescript. Sacha n'a plus peur , Sacha oublie et se rappelle , Sacha a tous les pouvoirs , Publications price list, circa During his career, Dr. Dichter published four principal serials to disseminate his ideas.

The most important was Motivations , begun in This was the period when Dichter was near the height of his influence and his ideas were considered new and exciting. Through Motivations , Dichter broadcast some of the ideas and results of his private client studies. Motivations is an interesting window into American middle class culture in the mid-fifties, and contains a number of photographs of domestic life that show the clutter and indifference to style that characterized most homes of that period, in contrast to the abundant consumer durables and style-consciousness in dress and belongings that lay over the horizon.

It is not clear exactly when Dichter ceased publishing Motivations , as his surviving file copies end in the middle of However, some later copies placed among Dichter's file of "Reprints," indicates that publication continued until at least the fall of Dichter began publishing his first newsletter on October 13, In contrast to Motivations , his Memo from the Desk of Dr. Ernest Dichter began as a simple typed letter.

However, it soon moved to offset printing and acquired illustrations. Memo is particularly interesting because it is one of the few places in which Dichter described and illustrated the practical workings of his Institute and his research methods. It contains photos of tests underway and of the staff at work, even showing off their new IBM punch card sorter to prove that their operation is up-to-date. Memo also includes Dichter's musings on current events, reports on his latest studies and doings, and the opening of branch offices abroad.

In its last issue in , Memo reverted to a typed format. The following year, Dichter replaced it with Findings , an un-illustrated four-page offset newsletter, which he continued for nearly the rest of his active career, ending the run in June As its title indicates, Findings mixes information gleaned from the client studies with observations on current events against a constant background of Dichter's main intellectual themes.

He also used this newsletter to publicize his own movements and speaking engagements, but these is little on the Institute's inner workings as found in Memo. Findings is therefore most useful as a record of the evolution or persistence of basic ideas in Dichter's thought and of his reactions to the sea changes in American social and political life over those two decades.

Information relating to subscriptions and billings for Findings from the s and 80s may be found in the "Files on Publications" series in Subgroup F, Correspondence. It reflects the growing importance of this sort of work in Dichter's later career, as opposed to the lengthy consumer motivation studies and marketing tips. Ernest Dichter" well after his death, probably by drawing upon or recycling earlier writings. The last known issue is No.

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Motivations , Vols. Memo from the Desk of Dr. Ernest Dichter , Vol. Memo -- Index. Findings -- Indexes. Findings -- Index cards. The Human Factor , No. The Human Factor -- Indexes. The Economic Press -- Miscellaneous pamphlets. The series is arranged according to the original numbers assigned to them by Dr. Dichter, although this is not strictly chronological.

Some of the earliest writings, including an article on commercial psychology that Dichter wrote in while still in France, are in the last box of the series. There are several indexes created by Dr. Dichter to manage sales of the reprints, which are placed at the beginning of the series. Consists of offprints of journal articles or copies and clippings of magazines and newspapers.

During his practice, Dichter maintained a file of these for sale or distribution to clients, of which a maximum of three copies has been retained. Dichter published in a very wide variety of venues, from the Harvard Business Review and sociological journals, through obscure trade and professional journals, to TV Guide , Cosmopolitan , Penthouse , and the National Enquirer.

Some articles are derived directly from the research studies. Individual publications of some length or note have also been cataloged as separate items on Hagley's on line public catalog OPAC. Consists of publications that Dr. Dichter collected from a variety of outside sources. Most come from his later years and seem to have been collected for comparative reference or for potential collaboration and outsourcing of work. Presumably, Dichter destroyed similar materials from his earlier years. The most interesting pieces are a series of motivational workbooks produced by the Success Motivation Institute, Inc.

ARC Research -- Mail order gardening study, Davidson-Peterson Associates, Inc. The Gallup Organization, Inc. Stern, Jewelers -- Brochure, Hornsuch -- Information -- Creativer Leben , Journal of Consumer Marketing , Summer. National Family Opinion, Inc, NorAm International Corp, circa Science Applications International Corp.

The Sherman Group, Inc. Stellenbosch Farmers' Winery Limited, undated. Success Motivation Institute, Inc. Consists of the texts of speeches, pop-psychology personality quizzes, and agendas and notes for seminars, some of which may also exist in published form. The speeches follow the trajectory of Dichter's career and generally reflect the findings and ideas one finds in the motivational studies and published writings of a given year. In the later years, a high percentage of the speeches were delivered in German before European audiences, although English translations are often provided.

In many cases the speeches exist in several drafts, sometimes with accompanying letters and notes. Dichter recycled many of the same ideas and often entire speeches for different audiences at different times. There is also some overlap between the speeches and the "Reprints," which is often noted by Dr.

Dichter in the front page margins. Even before emigrating, Dr. Dichter had written psychological personality tests and quizzes for popular magazines, a practice he continued throughout his career. Many were for women's magazines such as Cosmopolitan , Family Circle and Elle , and Dichter's output logically increased in the "Me Decade" of the s. In the s, Dichter began numbering his quizzes as a continuation of his "Speeches" series, using Nos.

However, the bulk remained organized alphabetically. The earliest quiz dates from and the latest from Dichter also conducted seminars, especially in the later phases of his career. Sometimes, as in the seminars for Expressen , a Swedish newspaper, or the "Teller-Seller" seminars for motivating bank tellers, they were part of a larger motivational study.

Others were offered commercially, and still others as university courses. The "Seminars" series is somewhat mixed. For some seminars, there are only publicity materials and flyers.

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For others, such as Dichter's standard creativity and motivation seminars and his "Top Man Tests" for managers, there are elaborate notes and tests for organizing each session. For those that were offered as university courses, such as the seminar given at the Polytechnic Institute of New York, there are copies of student papers. Dichter spent a great deal of time as a public speaker presenting his findings and ideas in a wide variety of venues.

His first preserved speech dates from October 15, , when he described his method of depth interviews to a meeting of the Market Research Council, but his active career as a public lecturer did not begin until The last preserved speech dates from Dichter kept a stock of his speech texts for sale or distribution and numbered them from to This order has been preserved. Adaptable -- How adaptable are you? Are you a country or city dweller at heart?

Are you a good decision maker? Are you inner or outer directed? Are you willing to take a chance? Can you read facial expressions? Cosmopolitan , Daily living -- Are you progressing or stagnating? Data -- Facts or fictions in the behavioral sciences. Do you know how to make up your mind? Do you live in a dream world? Do you him more than he loves you? Do you see the person behind the mask? Dream man -- How realistic are your expectations about men?

Goals -- Why do people want things? How emotionally mature are you? How good are you in an emergency? How good is your imagination? How good is your sense of direction? How good is you sense of humor? How great is your fantasy life? How high does your fantasy fly? How important are your looks to you? How much chutzpah do you have? How much of a showman are you? How much of an escapist are you? How prejudiced are you? How quickly do you grasp things? How to behave when you become your boss's wife. How to develop insight Know yourself better. How well do you know the opposite sex?

How well do you package yourself? Initiative -- What is your initiative quotient? Legs -- What do your legs say about your relationships with men? Marriage counseling -- Is your marriage a good one? Patience -- Are you truly patient? Presidential quiz -- Psychological profile. Profile as manager of managers. Sales, Customer -- Do you really know your customer? Spotting a crack in your marriage. Voters -- Campaign '72 -- A depth profile of voter attitudes.

What do your mannerisms mean? What is your best occupation or job? What is your mate quotient? What is your psychological age? What kind of life style do you want? What kind of work do you really like? What's your profile as a boss? Who makes up your mind -- you or others? Work -- What kind of work do you really like? Work alone or in groups -- Do you work best alone or in a group. ACT Management Conference, California tourism -- Long Island University, Creativity Lessons are missing. Creativity -- Mercy College, Environment - Creative filing.

Expressen -- Stockholm, Households -- Meeting in Vienna, Management rules don't work -- University of Maine, Management training -- Kursus, Marketing course, MG , Manual for task force leaders -- F. A, Motivation seminar -- Submission to Miles Laboratories, Inc, New School for Social Research, Nova University -- Futurology. Polytechnic Institute of New York includes term papers , Psychometric advertising and package testing.

Tengelmann -- Denk seminar Thinking seminar , Tengelmann three-day seminar, Thinking II -- Glassine sheets. Thinking -- Ten propaganda techniques.

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Consists of Dichter's press releases and a file of articles and clippings which he designated as "Publicity". There is some overlap with the "Reprints" series of publications, but these articles for the most part publicize Dr.

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Dichter, the man and his work, rather than being formal statements of his findings and ideas. The two series thus document how Dichter sought to promote himself and his thought, and how and how much of himself he revealed to the general public at different times. Dichter's own formal press releases date from the s through A lone survivor from indicates that he continued this process, but the post releases have been lost. The "Publicity" files are primarily from the s and s, a period in which Dichter was obliged to change with the times. A substantial portion of the "Publicity" files are in German, with smaller quantities in French and Spanish.

Press releases -- No. Abasatzwirtschaft -- German publicity, Adetem -- World customer, Argentine publications, Aufbau -- German publicity, Background -- Institute and E. Dichter, undated. Bangkok World. Booklet -- Motivations , undated. British publications, Canadian publication, Capital -- "Ich bin eine backpflaume," Dichter -- Career articles, Dichter U. Seine Motiforschung handesblatt, Die Welt -- German publicity, Dichter knows almost everything," Boston Globe , Dichter biography -- Short version, undated.

Dichter International -- Biography, undated. Dichter mixed biography, Dichter personal history, Dichter speeches and personal writings all languages , Epoca -- The Austrian revolution, Europe -- General information, European unification, Fabric Forecast England , Forties and fifties publicity.

Frankfurter Allgemeine -- Blick durch die wirtschaft, Germany -- General publicity, Germany -- Movie publicity, Getting Motivated by Ernest Dichter, undated. Graphik -- German publicity, , Hommes et Techniques , Honored -- City of Vienna, Il Giornale , Illustrative material for books. Institute for Motivational Research. Institute for Motivational Research brochure, undated.

Institute for Motivational Research bulletins. Interviews with Ernest Dichter, Italian government -- Election of, Italian publications, Italy -- P -- Pubblicita e Vendita , vol. Italy -- Ricerche Motivazionali , Japanese publications, Kosmetik-Tage Karlsruhe , Kosmetik und Konsument , La Stampa Periodica Italiana , Latin American publications, L'Express , London -- Miscellaneous clippings, Manager Magazin , Miscellaneous German publications, Miscellaneous products, Modernes Wohnen , Motivational research, Motor Trade Executive , Magazine , Netherlands Antilles publications, Newspaper cuttings -- Miscellaneous.

Newspapers -- Strike, etc. Parat -- German publicity, Paris-Match , Personal history -- Maine voter study, Plus -- German publicity, Press clippings -- Foreign, Presse Actualites -- Interview with Ernest Dichter, Problemes Africains Seminar held in Vienna , Publications for Ernest Dichter articles, Puerto Rican publications, Recent speeches by Ernest Dichter. Revue der Reclame Netherlands , Russian articles includes Soviet criticism of Dichter , Shoe Talk -- Personality of the month South Africa , South Africa -- Newscheck, South African publications, Spanish publications, Speigel -- German publicity, Stimulus -- "How to capitalize on word-of-mouth advertising," The Strategy of Desire , Studi I Ricerche , Stuttgarter Zeitung , Switzerland -- Motivation research, Tages Anzeiger , Textil-Forum -- German publicity, Textil-Wirtschaft -- German publicity, Troost -- German publicity, Up to Date -- German publicity, Warum Eigentlich Nicht?

Warum magazine, Werbe-Rundschau -- German publicity, Wien Aktuell , Wirtschafts Woche , Zehn neue Leitgedanken in der Mediaforschung , undated. Consists of multiple drafts of some of Dichter's principal books and other writings. It also contains what Dichter referred to as his "Subject Files," which are copies of his lesser writings and parts of the studies arranged by subject for ready reference.

This series consists of Dr. Dichter's rough writings and drafts, part of which were originally kept in a series of three-ring binders. There is some overlap with other series of Dr. Dichter's writings. Dichter kept multiple drafts of his various works, often with different annotations. He also recycled parts of one work into another and kept drafts of each of the stages of evolution of his books, often under different working titles.

Other drafts were simply fragments without precise title information. As a consequence, all of the drafts that could not be identified as obvious exact copies have been preserved and arranged alphabetically. The series documents how Dichter refined his presentations and how he reused particular insights and illustrative examples in multiple works. Ernest Dichter," Clippings -- Babies and parents, Futurology notes from Mercy College lecture, Human Factor. Modern Industrie ; rough draft. Programmed learning course for "Total" pompistes. Management Principle,". Of greater interest are Dichter's autobiographical writings in English and German.

There is also a typed diary from the years to which provides the only available window into Dichter's private thoughts during his first years in America, when his career was still in flux and he sought to establish himself in New York. Consists of samples of Dichter's writings and notes arranged by subject rather than chronologically or by project or client. This file presumably allowed Dichter and the Institute's staff to access quickly all of Dichter's more important thoughts on a particular topic.

Speeches, drafts, and proposals for studies are all double-filed as part of the "Subject Files". As might be expected, the "Subject Files" cover the heyday of the Institute from to the mid s and contain some of Dichter's best early writings.

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The text of a telephone interview with the Wall Street Journal in the wake of the Robert Kennedy assassination captures Dichter's reactions, not only to the assassinations, but also the student upheavals of , and shows him having second thoughts about his earlier pronouncements about violence on television. Files from the s show an early interest in solar energy, both from the purely technical side and in visionaries like Paolo Soleri and his Arcosanti community. Ad Regulations Government , , undated.

Ad Testing - Ads, Various, Louis Speech , May. Advertising - Ad Quiz, September, undated. Advertising - Dr. Dichter and the Ad Game, undated. Advertising - Enjoyable Advertising Sells Best, Advertising - Mass Motivations and Advertising, November. Advertising - Miscellaneous Clippings, Publicity, etc, Advertising - More Humor in Advertising, undated.

Special Supplement Herald Tribune , June 27, Advertising Agencies, undated. Advertising Bans -- e. Cigarettes, undated. Advertising Media - Depth of Media Penetration, undated. Aging - Woman of Anonymous Age, Aging - The AHA! Experience, undated. Aging - American -- What is an American? Aging - American Way, September Art Instruction Inc. Atomic Energy, , undated. Australia -- Australia and Advertising, Australian Tourism, September 22, Austria -- Initiative, Public, Austrian Shepherd's Shirt, undated.

Automobile - The Car -- Friend or Foe? Automobile - Volkswagen, , Aviation - Air France -- Report on Flight , undated. Aviation - Notes on a Flight, undated. Aviation - Thinking About Learning to Fly? Aviation, Flying -- How to Fly, , undated. Aviation, Planes -- In-Flight Entertainment, Bank Panel Promotion of , Banks - Bank of the Future, October 5, Also information of Banking Panel , September 11, Banks - Clearing House Burroughs -- U. Banks - Fair Play Principle, undated. Banks - General, , undated.

Banks - Manufacturers Hanover Trust, October Banks - Miscellaneous Clippings, Publicity, etc, Banks - Money Motivations in Affluent Society, undated. Banks - Motivational Bank Marketing, undated. Banks - The New Bank Customer, undated. Banks - Successful Banking in the s, May Banks - The Teller is the Seller, undated. Baseball, miscellaneous, , undated. Bathing -- Miscellaneous Ideas, Clipping, etc, Beauty Parlor Training, , undated.

Behavioral Science, Behind The Trends -- E. Dichter, , undated. Beneficial Finance Company, Better Citizenship Bureau, , undated. Bleach -- Purex Liquid, , undated. Blood -- "Blut Spenden oder Blut Leihen? Blunders -- How Not to Correct Mistakes, undated. The Boating Industry , January 15, Books - The Future Book, undated. Books - Mystic Bay Books, , undated.

Boss -- Being your Own Boss, undated. Bourbon Institute, , Brand Loyalty - Jolly Green Giant after , undated. Brand Preference -- Consumer Preference, undated. Bread -- What's Wrong with Bread Advertising? Baking Industry , August 25, Breasts -- Why Men Like Breasts, , , undated. Brochures -- Ernest Dichter Associates brochures, undated.

Bureaucracy -- The Pathology of a Bureaucracy, undated. Business Abroad, , undated. Buying - Buying is an Expression of Creativeness, undated. Buying - The Customer is Under the Microscope, undated. Buying - The Do it Yourself Nader, undated. American Salesman , November Buying - The Psychology of Buying, undated. Buying - What Makes Them Buy? Buying - Why People Buy, undated. Buying - Why You Buy, Enquirer , , Buying Important -- Frankfurter Zeitung , November 3, Buying, Suburban -- Suburban Buying, June Campaign Insight, May , undated.

Candy - Candy Industry, undated. Candy - Consumer Attitudes Towards, Candy - Candy Marketer, July Candy - Proposal for Cadbury, Ltd. Ad Agency, February 20, Career -- The Second Career, undated. Cars - Miscellaneous Clippings, Publicity, , , undated. Cars - Palladino, , undated. Weekend Telegraph London, Catalan Language -- memo on, undated. Cereal -- Kelloggs' Corn Flakes, , undated. Change, Psychology of miscellaneous , Chemicals -- Vick Chemical Company, undated. Chicken -- Needed: The Mod Chicken, , undated. Christmas Club, September Chymoral -- Armour Pharmaceutical, Cigarettes - Article by E.

Cigarettes - Brands, July Cigarettes - Philip Morris, , undated.

Study: Pill-Popping for Work Stress Endemic In Germany

Cleaning -- The Psychology of Cleaning, April Closet -- My Enemy the Closet, undated. Clothing - Article on Fashions, undated. Clothing - Clothing and the Youth Market, Clothing - Fashion Panel Prospectus, undated. Clothing - Fashion, , undated. Clothing - The Late Tape, May Clothing - Men's Suits, March Clothing - The Psychology of Clothing, undated. Clothing - Psychology of Clothing -- Miscellaneous, Clothing - Soxology, etc.

Clothing - Threadbare Future? Clothing, Mens - King-Size, December Clothing, Mens - Men's Wear, May Coal -- Carrying Coal to New Castle, undated.