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Please choose an appearance rating. Please choose a price rating. Thank you for your comment. It will be displayed after approval. My size: g. Your name:. Your e-mail address: Please enter an e-mail address. The labels proclaim Hollister Co. To maintain the SoCal theme, stores and merchandise are categorized within the divisions named "Dudes" men and "Bettys" women. Clothing offerings by Hollister Co.

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In , Hollister released its signature fragrance Hollister Co. It was discontinued in In , August was released for women, Drift for men. Both were discontinued in In , Malaia was released for women, Jake for men. In , Ryder was released for women, HCO22 for men. In , SoCal perfume was released for women, SoCal cologne for men.

Hollister Fragrance

SoCal cologne is currently the room spray. In , California perfume was released for women, California cologne for men. California for men was discontinued in With the opening of the flagship store in New York, Hollister released flagship-only cologne called Epic. In , Sadie was released for women.

In , Break Line was released for men. Originally known as "Sessions," the body care line has been simplified to "Body Care. A short time after the initial release they unveiled hair wax, and hand lotion.

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A teal boardwalk with three steps leads to the entrance, with plans to eventually include a low-hanging chandelier on the porch of all stores, one of many upgrades being brought to all stores. The interior of the store is mostly concealed from outside view by a parallel wall. The shuttered windows were meant to add to the atmosphere of the store and keep out customers that did not fit in, while also allowing customers in wheelchairs access to the store without using the porch steps as these shuttered doors are in fact fully operational doors.

Retail space is divided into separate rooms with half of the store devoted to "Guys" and the other to "Girls" which usually overflows onto the "Guys" side in the back clearance room - previously "Dudes" and "Bettys". Customers used to be able to choose the songs they want to hear using a touch screen positioned on the checkout counter wall, but this feature was removed leaving the touch screen to only display the songs titles and artists. A central room formerly housing bodycare merchandise and the cashwrap or checkout area plays as a "living room" and also has the Hollister "Jean Lounge", which houses all jeans for males and females.

Recently the stores have changed the layout and style of the merchandise tables, favoring rectangular tables over rounded tables for space and loss prevention reasons. Mandated by corporate, the stores and clothing itself are constantly kept scented with the current popular HCo fragrance SoCal via spritzing by employees and a recently installed computerized spritzing system installed in the ceiling which releases fragrance at timed intervals. As a result, customers can usually smell the store as they approach it, which can be good or bad depending on if one likes the fragrance.

In addition, every item in the store is "pre-scented" with the fragrances, a mostly popular retail feature.

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Originally, the store design included a resident live Maine Coon cat, named Fletcher, and a green-winged macaw named Riley. The stores relinquished the animals in November Other changes since the store's inception include the abandonment of the surf style locker room style dressing rooms, in favor of the traditional sectioned-off one person behind a curtain style dressing room.

Details & Specs

The music level has also been reduced due to complaints from parents and special interest groups, though the music level usually varies on store and usually is not consistent day to day as it once was. The new design would include front windows and eliminate the California beach shack front porch entrance. The stores will be smaller in square feet but will have larger selling areas.

Some stores at major malls such as Fashion Valley Mall and Brea Mall feature the redesign which according many shoppers, look much elegant and way better than the beach shack design. The company policy is to play the music at the 80—85 decibel level. The Company opened the first flagship store for the Hollister concept 16 July The laidback HCo.

It also operates a secondary flagship on New York's Fifth Avenue. Masonville Place in London, Ontario is supposedly next for a location as well. There are over locations in the United States, and internationally there are 30 stores in the UK and 11 in Canada. There are also two stores in Australia and 7 in Austria.

Hollister had plans to open stores in Australia and the Middle East in Both Australian stores will close permanently at the beginning of Also, according to the article: "The controversy over the name heated up in when Stacey Crummett, chief executive of Hollister-based Rag City Blues, added the word "Hollister" to the label of her vintage bluejeans.

In , the lawsuit Morris vs. Customers who were asked this information during June 9, through May 31, may be entitled to receive gift cards. In August , Judge Wiley Daniel of the United States District Court for the District of Colorado ruled that two Hollister stores in the state were not in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act ADA due to the fact they have a porch-like entrance that contains steps while customers in wheelchairs have to access the stores through automatic side doors rather than the main entrance.

In , the case expanded into a national class-action suit.

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The new entrance does not include steps. At the district court of Kassel, Germany, Hollister and its German works council negotiated an accord to stop systematically searching all employees. The accord lets the employees roll a die, and who gets four is searched. In , Hollister Co created unauthorized knockoffs of signed Robb Havassy surfboards for use as decoration in their stores.

After litigation, Havassy collected an undisclosed amount as damages from Hollister.

Hollister Co.

In his book, Havassy writes of the incident "It's about how cool it is to be a surfer — and how a billion dollar company put their hands on it. They got called on it. In November , an assistant manager in the WestQuay , Southampton branch prevented an employee, Harriet Phipps, from wearing the Red Poppy , which is worn as part of the Armistice Day commemorations in the United Kingdom every November.

Archie Parson, secretary for the Southampton branch of The Royal British Legion , said: "I just hope the shop reconsiders its decision and a compromise can be made because it seems a bit insensitive not to back our troops putting their lives on the line. After complaints, [51] many upon Hollister's Facebook page, [52] Hollister posted an update upon their page stating:.

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In August , Hollister opened a store in South Korea and flew in several male models to promote it. One of the models took a photo of himself there with a "squinty-eyed" face, and another model gave the middle finger to cameras. In January , a woman who was breastfeeding at a Hollister store in Houston was told by a manager that she could not breastfeed and had to move.

As a result, supporters organized a nationwide "nurse-in" at Hollister locations in which they would breastfeed at the stores. A group of women who were breastfeeding at the Hollister in the Concord Mall in Concord, Delaware , were confronted by mall security and told to leave.

This escalated into a controversy involving the mall's Facebook page. From Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core. Jump to: navigation , search. File:Hollister Co. August 15, Retrieved August 22, Retrieved Official Website". October 9,

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