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Software takes care of subsidies provided by the companies to their employees, allows manual entry of transactions, can present daily limit on the amount for the usage of canteen facility. System Management Here each point is provided with a RFID based reader and coupon printer, where employee entering the corresponding point can obtain their specific token under scheduled timings.

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Coupon based scheduled timing System can also be programmed to issue coupons based on timings given in the software. Here is snap shot showing the timing details Benefits: Do away with manual system of maintaining coupons. Instant Information at your fingerprint for immediate use.

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The basic form of the food cost report tends to be a comparison of food cost percentages. Percentages are used instead of actual net food cost as such costs vary according to sales. Percentage food cost tends to remain constant regardless of sales. Management can then decide if monthly food costs are under control.

Other costs must also be taken into account to properly understand where the food income dollar is going within the operation. In some restaurant businesses, the breakdown of expenses is recorded in a monthly percentage costing report on a form as shown in Figure The cost percentages are determined by dividing the individual costs by the total sales.

Near the beginning of each month, the percentage costing form of the previous month is completed and compared to the results on past forms. Food costs can be further analyzed by investigating the costs and percentage of total food cost of individual categories of food items, as shown in the example in Figure As long as labour costs have not changed markedly from October, the food cost percentages suggest that this operation copes well with changing sales and is probably in a strong financial position even though demand is down.

Sales have dropped by 6. A month is a long time between reports, particularly if the reports are financial in nature and will determine if the operation is keeping costs under control. If costs are not controlled, the business is likely to fail. Daily food costs are calculated much the same way as the basic monthly food costs and the monthly net food costs.

However, the inventory used is the actual amount of money that is spent daily on direct supplies or directs that is, supplies that are purchased and used that day, such as breads and dairy products in many operations and the value of stores used that is, the value of the materials already on hand that have been requested and received from the storage area. The daily food costs found by using the basic formula can be adjusted in much the same way as the basic monthly food cost.

That is,. The easiest way to keep track of daily food costs is to use a form like the one shown in Figure On this form, the cost of direct supplies, the cost of stores, total costs today, cumulative cost for the month, sales for the day, cumulative sales for the month, cost percentages for the day, and cost percentages for the month can be entered.

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Note that the form does not take into account transfers. A new form is started each month. Politics and Nation. Defence Defence National International Industry.

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By Deepshikha Sikarwar. Providing meals to office staff for a price would be liable to goods and services tax going by a decision of the Authority for Advance Rulings, a quasi-judicial body that helps taxpayers find out potential tax liabilities in advance. Tax experts say the move could enhance compliance burden of companies.

A number of companies provide meal services to employees and a monthly charge is deducted from their salary towards this.

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This issue had cropped up in the previous regime of service tax and the government subsequently exempted this service. Exemptions were brought down under GST, which replaced multiple state and central taxes such as sales tax, value added tax, entry tax, central excise duty, service tax, and countervailing duty with effect from July 1, Caltech Polymers had recently approached AAR to seek clarity on its tax liability in case of charge deducted from employees in lieu of canteen running expenses at no profit.